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The meeting had 5 Talks :

Talk 1.  Hans-Emil Torbergsen ENI Norway.  Application and Design of Passive Inflow Control Devices on ENI Goliat Horizontal Oil Producer Wells.

Talk 2.  Abdul Awid and Ross Clarke, Weatherford Aberdeen.  Effective ZI Improves ICD Completion Performance.

Talk 3.  Adrian Slayter, Senergy Aberdeen.  A review of the rheology dependence of some of our ICDs.

Talk 4.  Gonzalo A. Garcia. Baker Hughes Houston.  ICD – Characterization, Modeling and Applications.

Talk 5.  Chris Rideout, Husky St John’s Newfoundland.  North Amethyst Satellite ICD completions.

and 21 Q&As came up:

Q1. How Common Is It To Have An “Optimised” ICD Setting, With Varying ICD Choke Sizes Along The Wellbore?

Q2. How Do Projects Handle The Differences Seen Between Actual (Logged) Permeabilities And (Modeled) Permeabilities Used During Completion Planning?

Q3. How Common Is It To Use Blank Pipe In Combination With One ICD Screen (Only) In A High Perm Section?

Q4. Packer Spacing – What Do Others Do?

Q5. ICD / Screen Erosion – At What Velocities Should We Be Worried?

Q6. Any Projects Planning “ICD Check Valves”?

Q7. Maximum Fluid Velocity

Q8. Annular Velocity Control Using ICDs Alone (Without Zonal Isolation)

Q9. Do The Swell Packers Need To Contact The Reservoir Wall Or Are They Just Flow Restrictors?

Q10.  Fluid Boundary Conditions To Run ICDs In

Q11. Fluid Viscosity Dependency

Q12. Is Viscosity An Input to NETools and Equivalent Software?

Q13. Recommended Boundary Conditions For Running ICDs?

Q14. ICD Behaviour With Water Or Gas Breakthrough

Q15. Creating and Presenting Industry-Standard ICD Performance Predictions

Q16. North Amethyst G-25 2 Production Rate

Q17. Reliable FIV Performance

Q18. How Many Joints Run Between Swell Packers?

Q19. Tracers

Q20.  How Long Are Your Swellable Packers?

Q21. Completion Rotation While RIH

1. Colin Andrew Baker 2. Dan Newton Baker 3. Peter Kidd Baker 4. Gonzalo A Garcia Baker 5. Eong Sow BG 6. Robbie Allam BP 7. Timothy Ebare BP 8. Siv Helen Mong BP 9. Lewis Ledlow ConocoPhillips 10. Sean Helton ConocoPhillips 11. Lasse Hermansson ENI 12. Hans Emil Torbergsen ENI 13. William Gorden ExxonMobil 14. Tony Gair ExxonMobil 15. Max Baumert ExxonMobil 16. Mike Phi ExxonMobil 17. Glenn Drescher ExxonMobil 18. John Fitzpatrick Halliburton 19. Glen Gibling Halliburton 20. Kim Thornton Halliburton 21. Travis Hailey Halliburton 22. Winnie Ho Maersk 23. Bas van de Ven Maersk 24. Lee Nirider Marathon 25. Mark Urquhart Marathon 26. Iain Coates Nexen 27. Ram Meyyappan Schlumberger 28. Spyro Kotsonis Schlumberger 29. Dinesh Patel Schlumberger 30. Behzad Rajabian Schlumberger 31. Adrian Slayter Senergy 32. Philip Imperiale Shell 33. Gregory Myers Shell 34. Kam-Sing Chooi Shell 35. Oyvind Midttveit Statoil 36. Graham Wishart Suncor 37. Brian Hamilton Talisman 38. Steve Forrest TAQA 39. Bill Bavidge TAQA 40. Abdurrezagh Awid Weatherford 41. Ross Clarke Weatherford 42. Andrew Franklin Weatherford 43. Kyle Mowbray Weatherford 44. Steven Mathias Weatherford 45. John Curley Win Cubed
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