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MTM #21 - Sunbury, October 2017

MTM No.21 was hosted by Rob Ingham of BP at their office in Sunbury on 19th and 20th October 2017.  Rob opened the meeting with a welcome presentation and safety briefing.  This was followed by introductions from the room and from those connected on the phone. 
As ever, a special mention must go to Vince Zeller from Halliburton in Dallas who responded to his alarm by getting up and connecting to the meeting rather than turning it off. Dedicated support at these meetings by experienced engineers like Vince help sustain and promote the benefits of these technology sharing meetings.


PyroSentry system.  Safe handling of Methanol when Well Testing - Barry Craig, Scantech Offshore 

Drilling/Completion Fluids for H2S and the Impact on Elastomer Selection - Peter Royce, Halliburton

Case Review: H2S removal in Gas, Oil and Water during SWT and EWT operations - Sheldon McKee, AMGAS

Discussion Topic:  How do we recruit new (newer) engineers into well testing? - John Self 

Joint Case Study:  Flowback into the hull of a DNV drillship - Derrick Klutsey, Expro Ghana/SSA, and Alan Crowley, Stena Drilling 

BP Carbon Agenda - Wells Focus - Dugald Wright, BP 

Discussion Topic:  Test Design for Minimisation of Emissions - Betrand Theuveny, Schlumberger – NO FILE

Multi-well Deconvolution - Tim Whittle 

Fraccing campaign in Middle East field; review of jobs pumped and associated PBU results to optimise reservoir management strategy  - Charlotte Jones, BP - NO FILE

Using Well Testing to make successful developments.  What could possibly go wrong? - Piers Johnson, OPC 

Sheldon McKee, AMGAS; Robert Ingham, Charlotte Jones, Khaled El-Amri, Adam Wynne, Dugald Wright and Johana Uribe, BP; Alan Searle, Cairn Energy; Terry Charleton, Derrick Klutsey and Neil Ferguson, Expro; Henk Kool, Peter Royce, Vince Zeller, Edgar Almanza and Mike Brunton, Halliburton; Tim Whittle, Independent; John Self, Independent; David Moss, Metrol; Piers Johnson, OPC Ltd; Andrew Christie, Optima UK; Barry Craig and Shaun Ryan; ScanTech Offshore UK; Bart van den Bosch, Shell; Bertrand Theuveny, Schlumberger; Alan Crowley, Stena Drilling
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