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VM No.23 - BOP Closure Speeds - Is Faster Always Better?

The meeting included a presentation by Alex Crabtree, Senior Advisor, Well Intervention and Well Integrity with Hess Corporation, based in Houston, who provided an overview of the challenges faced by industry regarding BOP functionality and closure times, prompting healthy discussion regarding this issue from all participants, including industry regulator, API subcommittee members and representatives from oil and gas companies and service companies.  This resulted in a number of actions arising.

Mike McLelland , Archer, Aberdeen; Colin Black, Carjon-NRG, Aberdeen; Chris Quinton and Marshall Conway, Canada-Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board; Ricky Cummings, Chevron, Houston; Craig Whimp, Chevron, Australia; Todd Regalado, ConocoPhillips, Houston; Mike Kneale. ConocoPhillips, Anchorage; Sean Jones, Expro, Aberdeen; Maynard Chance, Full Sail Group LLC, Houston; Adam Wright, Halliburton, Houston; Alex Crabtree, Hess, Houston; Mike Berckenhoff, Schlumberger (Cameron), Houston; Emanuel Guilhamon, Cameron Drilling Systems,Schlumberger, Houston
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