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MTM #20 - Houston, April 2017


MTM No.20 was hosted by Halliburton at their facility in Houston on 27th and 28th April 2017.  As with MTM No.19 in Aberdeen in September 2016, the meeting was oversubscribed and brought together a wide range of technical specialists from the operating companies and the service sector to share challenges, success stories and new innovations that have been developed and implemented around the industry segment.

A number of members who could not join in person joined via Halliburton's teleconferencing system and this enabled very effective presentations and interaction from the remote participants. The meeting was scheduled over the two days with a greater focus on operations on the first day and data analysis techniques on the second. The enthusiasm and interest generated during the talks often created extended discussions; many talks generated significant follow on questioning and whilst efforts were made to get important points discussed and build on the experience in the meeting it appeared clear that there was a desire from a number of participants to progress a number of topics further.



1.  Human Intervention versus Expert Systems - Henk Kool, Halliburton

2.  Zone II Awareness - Barry Craig/Fabiana Teixeira, ScanTech Offshore Ltd

3.  ACA/DFIT and Well Testing - when, where, how and why? - Martin Rylance, BP Russia

4.  API Specification 19TT1 - Vince Zeller, Halliburton

5.  Discussion Topic: Adjustable Chokes - a "just in time" lesson - ExxonMobil

6.  Well Test Planning and Execution - Jacques Guillot, Expro

7.  Dual Zone DST in a Single Run with Wireless Enabled Tester DST Tools - Hakan Gurses, Schlumberger


1.  Redundancy of measurement and ways to ensure good quality of data is acquired - Stefano Capponi, Shell

2.  Application of Pressure Transient Testing; Production Logging to Obtain Real-time Reservoir Insight for Stimulation Treatment Optimization in Deepwater GoM - Mehdi Azari, Halliburton - NO FILE

3.  Impact of Improper Sampling and Preservation Techniques on Aqueous Samples - Angela Dippold, Schlumberger

4.  PRO-LOG system - Scott Divers, Metrol

5.  Designing a Test for a Minimum Connected Volume (also covering Deconvolution) Michael Levitan

6.  Using PTA models to forecast rates in layered completions - Bill Roberts, OPC - NO FILE

Siyavash Motealleh, BP Houston; Doug Blalock, BP Houston Consultant; Martin Rylance, BP Russia; Robert Ingham, BP Sunbury; Khaled El Amri, BP Sunbury; Johana Uribe, BP Sunbury; Colin Black, Carjon-NRG; Lilong Yang, COSL-Expro, China; Jinxian Chen, COSL-Expro, China; Jacques Guillot, Expro; Blake Romero, Expro; Jordan Mimoun, ExxonMobil; Akshay Jayaram, ExxonMobil; Henk Kool, Halliburton; Edgar Almanza, Halliburton; Richard Broad, Halliburton; Mehdi Azari, Halliburton; Adam Swartley, Halliburton; Scott Divers, Metrol; David Moss, Metrol; Charles Bernard, Metrolog/Sercel; Floriane Vincent, Metrolog/Sercel; Michael Levitan, Michael M. Levitan, LLC; Fabiana Teixeira, ScanTech Offshore Ltd; Barry Craig, ScanTech Offshore Ltd; Bill Roberts, OPC Americas; Hakan Gurses, Schlumberger; Angela Dippold, Schlumberger ; Stefano Capponi, Shell Houston; Ryan Anderson, Shell Houston; Virgilio Garcia Soulé; Tetra Technologies Inc
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