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MTM #19 - Aberdeen, September 2016

MTM No.19 was hosted by The Expro Group at their Lion House office in Aberdeen on the 6th and 7th September 2016. As with MTM No.18 in Houston in April, the meeting was oversubscribed and brought together a wide range of technical specialists from the operating companies and the service sector to share challenges, success stories and new innovations that have been developed and implemented around the industry segment.


1.   Management of Compensator Lock up Hazards During Pinned to Sea bed Operations - Rita Painter, Proserve, and Paul Nardone, Australia
2.   Case studies/learnings from recent ARTP Tension Frame Deployments - Steven Plain, ICON Engineering, Australia
3.   DNV GL 2.7-2 Update: Overview of Well Test Packages Approvals - James Steven, DNV GL UK Ltd
4.   API Q2: What Does It Mean for Service Providers? - Tony MacLauchlan, Expro North Sea
5.   Minimizing Environmental Impact While Burning - Mark McGouldrick, Halliburton
6.   General Review of H2S Procedures and Best Practices - George Sweeney, Axis
7.   Single Trip Fracturing Operations combined with DST and Subsea Safety System - Adam Wright, Halliburton 
8.   Process Safety in Well Testing: Focusing on Emergency Shutdown Systems - Rob Ingham, BP 
9.   Memory Gauges, Past and Future - Charles Bernard, Metrolog/Sercel
10.  Planning of Tight Gas Appraisal Tests - Johana Uribe, BP 
11.  Gas Well Testing Offshore Tanzania - Tim Whittle, BG/Shell UK 
12.  GeoTesting Workflow - Sukru Sarac, GeoTesting Product Champion, Schlumberger 
13.  PFO Analysis in a Heterogeneous Reservoir; applying learnings to improve water injection allocation and field understanding - Charlotte Jones, BP
14.  Different Reservoirs, Similar Responses - Piers Johnson, OPC

George Sweeney, Axis; Mark Ballantyne,, Axis; Neil Suttar, Axis; Tim Whittle, BG/Shell UK; Robert Ingham,BP; Johana Uribe, BP Sunbury; Charlotte Jones, BP Sunbury; Colin Black, Carjon-NRG; Mike Cassidy, ConocoPhillips; James Steven, DNV GL UK Ltd; Mark Anderson, DNV GL UK Ltd; Gary Peek, Expro North Sea; Tony MacLauchlan, Expro North Sea; Neil Dixon, Expro North Sea; Mark McGouldrick, Halliburton; Peter Royce , Halliburton; Mike Brunton, Halliburton; Henk Kool, Halliburton, Houston; Edgar Almanza, Halliburton, Houston; Adam Wright, Halliburton, Houston; Richard Broad, Halliburton, Houston; Vince Zeller, Halliburton, Dallas; Steven Plain, ICON Engineering, Australia; Brian Milne, Metrol; Charles Bernard, Metrolog/Sercel, France; Floriane Vincent, Metrolog/Sercel, France; Nicolas Bravard, Metrolog/Sercel, France; Piers Johnson, OPC Ltd; Rita Painter, Proserve, Australia; Robbie Garden, RentAir Aberdeen; Yakov Shumakov , Schlumberger; Seth Osborne, Schlumberger ; Rob Childs, Schlumberger; Bill Brierton, Schlumberger; Sukru Sarac, Schlumberger Paris; Bart Van Den Bosch, Shell, Albania; Iain Massie, Shell ; Colin Griffiths, Scantech Offshore Ltd; Barry Craig, Scantech Offshore Ltd; Odd Olav Steinveg, Statoil Norway; Ingebjorg Worren, Statoil Norway; Bruce Robertson, Weatherford; Havar Sortveit, WellPartner AS, Norway; Harald Wahl Breivik, WellPartner AS, Norway; Paul Nardone , Well Test Knowledge International, Australia
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