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MTM #18 - Houston, April 2016

This year's Houston MTM (No.18) was generously hosted by Barry Donaldson of Tetra Technologies at Tetra's facility in The Woodlands.

The meeting was oversubscribed and brought together a wide range of technical specialists from the operating companies and the service sector to share challenges, success stories and new innovations that have been developed and implemented around the industry segment.


Day One

Downhole Sampling Tools Delivering High Recovery Pressures/ Technical and Financial Benefits of Eliminating Sample Transfers by Utilizing DOT Approved Transport Cases - Cyrus Irani, Halliburton.

Wireless Reservoir Testing New Developments - Li Hai Yu  and Palma Giordano, Schlumberger 

Adjusta-Cone(TM) Technology – Gavin Munro, GM Flow Measurement Services Ltd 

Downhole Fluid Identification – Chris Jones, Halliburton  - NO FILE

Well Control Safety/Best Practices – Doug Derr, Boots and Coots

Wireless Solutions - Installing PRO-LOG Across the Payzone Adds Clarity to Multi-zone Testing - David Moss, Metrol 

WellSafe Explorer – Cost Effective Solution to Mitigate Risk Related to Rig Heave Compensator Failure – Håvar Sørtveit, WellPartner AS

Day Two

Well Testing with ESP - Yakov Shumakov, Schlumberger

PTA interpretation of Vertical and Horizontal Wells in Carbonate Formations, with Acid Stimulation – Charlotte Jones, BP

Convolution Explorer – A Common Framework for Analysis of Well Test and Surveillance Pressure and Rate Data – Michael Levitan, Michael M. Levitan LLC

Formation Evaluation by Reservoir Simulation of the Production Logging Data Waqar Khan, Halliburton - NO FILE

Mini DSTs using Wireline Tester-type Tools – Bill Roberts, OPC

Challenges in Fluid Sampling and Characterization for Field Development Planning - Artur Stankiewicz, Schlumberger

DISCUSSION-  PTA in unconventional reservoirs, current status and plan ahead – Siyavash Motealleh, BP and Mehdi Azari, Halliburton - NO FILE

Siyavash Motealleh, BP; Edgar Carvajal, BP; Doug Blalock, BP; Charlotte Jones, BP; Robert Ingham, BP; Thomas von Schroeter, BP; Johana Uribe, BP; Khaled El Amri, BP; Adam Wynne, BP; David DiGloria, ExxonMobil; Akshay Jayaram, ExxonMobil; Samuel Ilonze, ConocoPhillips; Mark Mintha, ConocoPhillips; Matt Pay, ConocoPhillips; Edgar Almanza, Halliburton; Richard Broad, Halliburton; Cyrus Irani, Halliburton; Mehdi Azari, Halliburton; Vince Zeller, Halliburton ; Flioriane Vincent, Metrolog/Sercel; David Moss, Metrol; Scott Divers, Metrol; Michael Levitan, Michael M. Levitan, LLC; Bill Roberts, OPC Americas; Fabiana Teixeira, Scantech; Martin Grimmer, Scantech; Artur Stankiewicz, Schlumberger; Li Hai Yu, Schlumberger; Palma Giordano, Schlumberger ; Yakov Shumakov,S chlumberger ; Stefano Capponi, Shell ; Bart van den Bosch, Shell ; Angel Guzman-Garcia, SPE Well Testing Editor; Barry Donaldson, Tetra Technologies; Virgilio Garcia Soule, Tetra Technologies; Iain MacDonald, Tetra Technologies; Håvar Sørtveit, WellPartner AS; Harald Wahl Breivik, WellPartner AS.
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