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MTM #14 - Houston, May 2014

This meeting was held in Houston, hosted by Emmanuel Delvaux of Schlumberger.  Facilitation and meeting minutes were provided by Don Dressler, EPG. 
Topics Discussed:
1.DNV: 2.7-2 Standard – James Steven, DNV
2.Risk Management – Mike Ward, BP
3.Update on API Standard 19TT – Downhole Well Testing Tools – Vince Zeller, Halliburton - No File
4.Telemetry – One Year On – Curtis Wendler, Halliburton
5.Capturing DST Job Histories/Best Practices – Antonio Gramcko, Schlumberger
6.Drilling and Completion Fluids – Advancements in Thermal Management and Insulating Properties – Kjetil Eriksen
7.Perforating – Evaluation of Perforating Charges in Downhole Conditions, Differences with 19B - Andy Martin, Schlumberger - No File
8.Sampling in Hostile Conditions – John Nighswander - No File
9.Well Test and Dynamic Reservoir Analysis – Michael Levitan, BP
10.PTA Interpretation in the Presence of Wellbore Effects – Horizontal Wells – Bill Roberts, OPC
11.Influence of Non-Isothermal Effects on Pressure Measurements During DST Operations in Highly Productive Reservoirs & its Impact on Reservoir Testing Interpretation – Mitigations and Solutions – Maria Sidorova, Schlumberger

Lucky Dip/Round the Table - No Files

WTN Member Industry Experience (in years, partial data)
Testing for hydrates
Operator interest in securing temperature data
BP is affirmative on this, ExxonMobil has not approached this yet 
Perforating in acid
Capture and share success stories across the WTN membership
Develop and publish a one page success story template for members to populate
Rigless DST – coil tubing, thru tubing

Mike Ward, BP; Michael Levitan, BP; Doug Blalock, BP; Cameron Tope, BP; Thomas von Schroeter, BP; Charlotte Jones, BP ; Alan Searle, Chevron ; Mark Mintha, ConocoPhillips; Carlos Gonzalez, ConocoPhillips; James Steven, DNV UK ; Garnett Davis, DNV US ; Meindert van Mierlo, DNV US; Jordan Mimoun, ExxonMobil ; Chaz Meyer, ExxonMobil ; Richard Broad, Halliburton; Curtis Wendler,Halliburton; Vince Zeller, Halliburton; Hatem Kandeel, Halliburton; Lee Nirider, Marathon; Scott Divers, Metrol Technology; Bill Roberts, OPC; Colin Black, Optima; Diego Josué Dall´Agnol, Petrobras; Rafael Camel Albagli, Petrobras; Maria Sidorova, Schlumberger Moscow Research; Emmanuel Delvaux, Schlumberger; John Reddington, Schlumberger; Antonio Gramcko, Schlumberger; Kjetil Eriksen, Schlumberger; John Nighswander, Schlumberger; Andy Martin, Schlumberger; Mario Ardila, Schlumberger; Rasik Bahadur, Schlumberger; Ronnie Stratton, Shell ; Jeffrey Gagnon, Shell; Ove Ulvoy, Statoil; Osazee Igbineweka, Statoil; Bill Nice, Stric-Lan; Virgilio Garcia, Tetra Technologies
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